7 steps of facial massage

Whether using essential oils or other skin care products, if not absorbed by the skin, it will be ineffective. Massage is a very effective way to promote their absorption. Here is a very practical massage manipulation.

( Note: Massage tools have a better effect, if funds permit.)

  1. Apply an appropriate amount of essential oil to the palm of your hand, rub hot, and spread it from the center of your face, from your chin, cheeks, forehead to neck. 7 steps of facial massage-2a
  2. Gently upward spiral massage from the chin to ear root, the corner of mouth to ear, five times. 7 steps of facial massage-2b
  3. Gently make an upward spiral massage from both sides of the nose to the temple, five times. 7 steps of facial massage-2c
  4. Press your thumb on your chin and the other four fingers on your cheeks for five seconds. Push the thumbs along the chin toward both ears and push it down the neck to the clavicle position, five times.  7 steps of facial massage-2d
  5. Alternate hands to pull up the skin, five times.  7 steps of facial massage-2f
  6. Gently spiral massage from the middle of the forehead to the temple, five times.  7 steps of facial massage-2g
  7. Gently lift your hands from the eyebrows to the hairline, five times.  7 steps of facial massage-2h