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Diy face mask using Green tea and Yolk to whiten skin.

Green tea is a kind of precious drink, drink green tea is the spiritual enjoyment. But you know, green tea has a surprising effect on beauty. In modern scientific research, green tea contains vitamin C, and has a good whitening effect on the skin. In addition, the tannic acid contained in the green tea can shrink the pores, and can be used for nourishing and moistening the muscles. In addition to whitening, green tea has a bactericidal effect, so the green tea mask has special effect on the symptoms of acne. Continue reading

DIY face mask to remove wrinkles!

Pig skin mask is the most popular homemade mask in Korea, which originated from Korean Ma Sheng Zhi. She looked younger than college students at the age of 45, because she often used pigskin mask. so pigskin mask quickly became popular in Korea. It is made from the collagen of pig skin. The method of making pigskin mask is very simple, which includes boiling fresh pigskin, freezing and adding green tea, coix powder and honey. When used, apply it directly on your face. Regular application of pigskin mask can whiten and moisturize the skin, replenish collagen, and make the skin more compact and smooth. Therefore, pigskin mask can effectively remove wrinkles. Continue reading