DIY face mask to remove wrinkles!

Pig skin mask is the most popular homemade mask in Korea, which originated from Korean Ma Sheng Zhi. She looked younger than college students at the age of 45, because she often used pigskin mask. so pigskin mask quickly became popular in Korea. It is made from the collagen of pig skin. The method of making pigskin mask is very simple, which includes boiling fresh pigskin, freezing and adding green tea, coix powder and honey. When used, apply it directly on your face. Regular application of pigskin mask can whiten and moisturize the skin, replenish collagen, and make the skin more compact and smooth. Therefore, pigskin mask can effectively remove wrinkles.

Today I will teach you how to make pig skin mask. Let’s take a look at every step.

1.  After washing the fresh pigskin, boil it in boiling water until the pigskin floats.

Diy face mask-d1

2. take out the pig skin from the pot, with a kitchen knife to scrape the oil off the pig skin. We don’t need the lard.

Diy face mask-d2

3. Use tweezers to pull out all the pigskin fur. Otherwise, when applying the face, the pore will be blocked and the skin may be itchy.

Diy face mask-d3

4. After plucking the pigskin hair, clean the skin. Then cut it into small pieces.

diy face mask-d4

5.  Put these pieces of pigskin in a pressure cooker and boil for an hour.

diy face mask-d5

6. Take the pig skin out from the pressure cooker and let it cool. Then crush it in a blender.

diy face mask-d6-1 diy face mask-d6-2

7. Pour all the crushed pork skins into the pot, and add green tea and coix seed powder. Then use a small fire to boil to a sticky state. When boiling, stir constantly with a spoon .

Diy face mask-d7

8. Pour them into molds and put them in the refrigerator. A day later, pack the small pieces in a bag. Store them in the refrigerator.

diy face mask-d8-1

diy face mask-d8-2

9. When using, take out a piece and put it in a porcelain bowl. Put the bowl in hot water, melt and mix with a little honey. Now, brush them on your face.

diy face mask-d9-1

diy face mask-d9-2


  • 1. oily skin, do not use pigskin mask.
  • 2. The T-shaped area is greasy, so it’s better not to apply it in the T-shaped area.
  • 3. Generally speaking, too much diligence will clog the pore. once every 7 days or so will be good.