Facial massage tool

Compared with hand massage, using some tools will have a better effect.
Among many facial massage tools, according to the use and feedback of our group members, the following tool is the most cost-effective.

facial massage tool 1


Its effect is remarkable and has a variety of functions. Its structure is simple, easy to use and carry.

How it works and what it does:

Its T-shaped head vibrates 6,000 times per minute. By massaging the skin with these high frequency vibrations, the following effects are achieved.

  • The nutrients in the mask or skin care products are introduced into the skin. To help the skin absorb them better.
  • Remove fine wrinkles
  • By improving the blood circulation in the skin, it can make the skin healthier and more beautiful.
  • Thin face, make face more stereoscopic.

Usage method:

The structure is simple:

The switch is at the tail.

The battery can be replaced by rotating the cover on the tail.

Easy to carry:

Body Size: 140mm*16mm  T size: 35mm*6mm

I think whatever facial massage device you choose, you should have one..

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