Homemade anti-aging and skin whitening cream using white rice

Hey Ron, welcome back my blog. Today, I will share you a home remedy to prepare an anti-aging and skin whitening rice cream. You can easily prepare this homemade rice cream at your home,  which will whiten and lighten your skin. It will also remove your fine lines and wrinkles, and will help in removing your dark spots pigmentation, acne scars and blemishes. It will make your skin super smooth and soft.

The main ingredient of this rice cream is white rice. White rice is rich in vitamin B and it is a powerful antioxidant which boosts collagen production and removes all your wrinkles and fine lines. White rice has been used as a natural beauty treatment for thousands of years in Japan and Korea. This beauty treatment has made too many Japanese and Korean women to keep their skin fair soft, supple and beautiful. White rice also helps to hydrate moisturize and protect your skin from several skin diseases. It is rich in many vitamins minerals and nutrients that helps to promote the growth of skin cells and slowing down the process of aging and increase the flow of blood which automatically improves your skin complexion and makes you skin much fairer glowing smooth and spotless.

Now let’s see how to prepare highly-effective rice cream at home. For that, you firstly have to take 2 tsp white rice in a clean bowl and then you have to thoroughly wash it with the help of water.

After washing the rice properly you have to take a pan and then add 2 to 3 cups of water in it along with the washed rice and now put it on heat and cook it until it becomes thick and mushy.

Then you have to strain this over cooked rice with the help of a strainer and take out all the rice paste out of it.

After straining it nicely, homemade rice paste is ready. And the consistency of this rice paste should be a little thick and creamy as I’m showing you in the photo.

Now you have to add vitamin E oil in this rice paste. If you don’t have this oil, you can use two to three vitamin E capsules which you can easily find at any pharmacy store. So here, I’m adding half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil in this rice paste.

After adding the vitamin E oil, you need to add 1 Tsp glycerin in it.

so after the glycerin, you have to add the last ingredient which is the Aloha gel. Now I add 1/4 teaspoon aloe vera gel in it.

After adding all the ingredients, you just have to mix everything really well to make a smooth and creamy mixture.

And after mixing everything really nicely your homemade anti-aging and skin whitening rice cream is ready.

so now I am just transferring this homemade rice cream in this small airtight container .You can use any airtight container to store this cream and you can store this cream in refrigerator for up to 10 to 15 days.

Now let me tell you how to use this homemade rice cream.

You just have to take a little amount of this rice cream and apply it all over your face and neck or you can even use this rice cream on your whole body just apply this cream all over your skin.

Then massage it for thirty to forty-five seconds.

You can use this cream as a day cream, night cream or even a moisturizer before your make up.

If you want to make your skin much fairer glowing radiant and spotless then you have to use this cream twice a day once in the morning and other before going to bed

Watch the video of my whole process:

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