Several tools for homemade face mask

Homemade face mask is a very interesting thing, of course, is also a very professional thing. For the choice of tools, there can be no sloppy. Choosing a professional mask tool will make you more relaxed and convenient when making facial mask.

1. The mortarSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5a

Used for grinding and mashing soft materials. The mortar makes the material smaller. The smaller the material is, the easier it is for the skin to absorb the nutrients.

2. measuring cupsSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5b

It is used to estimate the proportions and components of various mask materials, and can be replaced by glasses.

3.  tablespoonsSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5c

It is used to scoop liquid or solid mask material, and can also be used to stir the mask material after mixing, so that it can quickly dissolve or mix evenly.

4.  the mask bowlSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5d

It is mainly used for dressing facial mask materials, when blending them. It is recommended to choose high-quality plastic material, soft, elastic, convenient to use, moderate size mask bowl.

5 . mask brushSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5e

It can be used to evenly paste paste mask on the face.

6 . the mask paperSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5f

If the mask is liquid, in addition to apply directly, you can also soak the mask paper for a moment, and then cover the face, after a period of time to remove the mask paper. Available at supermarkets or beauty stores.

7.  cosmetic cottonSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5g

Use for dipping some of the water-like mask directly onto the skin. This way you don’t have to use mask paper.

8.  cotton towelSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5h

Cotton towels are also indispensable tools for making homemade facial mask. It can be used for hot compress on the face before applying the mask to promote the absorption of nutrients in the mask. Cotton towels are recommended to be thick and soft.

9 . juicerSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5i

Fruit and vegetable juices are commonly used to make face masks. A juicer can help.

10 . spongeSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5j

It is used to remove residual mask, remove keratin and keep the face clean.

11.  gauzeSeveral tools for homemade facial mask-5k

The gauze can be used for filtering. Because of its small pore size, the gauze can filter out more pure juice. In addition, the gauze can be used to dip in the juice and smear on the face for maintenance, with a warm and clean effect.