The benefits and steps of facial massage

Massage is helpful to promote the metabolism of skin epidermis and dermal cells, maintain skin elasticity, tighten facial muscles, prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.

The benefits of facial massage

  1.  Fight free radicals. If the skin gets enough oxygen and nutrients, it is difficult to generate free radicals, thus maintaining the elasticity of the skin, increasing the transparency of the skin and making the skin brighter.
  2.  Improve lymphatic flow. When our lymphatic circulation function is poor, waste and toxins are constantly accumulating in the body, causing the face to edema. Massage can help lymph flow normally, eliminate toxin and waste, make skin contour firmer.
  3.  Stimulate blood circulation. Massage helps the skin to get rid of toxins, bring the nutrients of blood into the skin cells. At the same time, it can discharge wastes smoothly and keep the skin healthy. It can also help the skin regulate the secretion of oil, promote the formation of skin sebum membrane, and keep the skin moist and shiny.
  4.  Boost your metabolism. Massage helps to raise the metabolism of skin epidermis and dermis cells to an ideal level. This steady skin renewal process is important to maintain the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

The technique of facial massage:

  1. Apply essential oil to your hands. Massage to promote complete absorption of essential oils, along chin – cheek – nose – forehead. face massage step 1a
  2. Massage from the inside of the face to the outside, then from left to right. Relax the skin, and increase the elasticity and tightness of the skin. face massage step 1b
  3. Massage from eyebrow to forehead to prevent forehead wrinkles, gently press around the eyes to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. face massage step 1c
  4. Massage chin – cheek – eye circle, can eliminate facial fine lines, promote facial blood circulation. face massage step 1d
  5. Massage gently around the lips, then from the middle of the brow down to the corners of the mouth. Increase skin elasticity. face massage step 1e
  6. Pat your whole face. Relax the whole face skin. face massage step 1f